Thank you for visiting PAScribe. On this page, you will find links to the PAScribe Scriptorium where you can find courses on Traditional and Contemporary Calligraphy as well as classes on the techniques and illustrations used in Manuscript Illumination. There is also a section in ‘Calligraphy & Meditation’ as the crux of my teaching is about helping practitioners find a new path to a calmer more meditative approach to the writing of Calligraphy. Join the free class and it will automatically add you to the PAScribe Newsletter which will keep you up to date on what is happening here at PAScribe.


The School is comprised of Lectures, Classes, and Workshops. All events in the school have a 1hour Q&A at the end of each event, to help you consolidate your learning. The aim of the school is the assist students in focusing their calligraphic practice by teaching a heady mix of my understanding of script using a combination of the research where I have delved into the historical source material coupled with my own unique approach centered around my 4Fold Symmetry as well as being conscious of the pace of the writing in tandem with the breath.


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This little class will teach you how to connect with your own energy. Once you establish this relationship with yourself, you can use this connection to bring you to a peaceful space where you can breathe and be still. You can use this connection in tandem with the breathing technique I teach to help you write more conscious, connected calligraphy, it doesn’t matter the tool or the script. Come join me for and change your approach to this craft we are called to.

I developed this system whilst teaching online to give students an accurate description of where the nib was, it mimics the Cartesian Coordinate system in that, as a point in space has an X-Y-Z axis, so too should we be able to describe with unfailing accuracy, where the nib is in relation to the line on the page and the tool is in the hold of the fingers. This approach gives you a very different insight into how to hold the writing implement in order to achieve a specific line.


PAScribe began as a shortening of the longer name of Paul Antonio Scribe. I dislike long email addresses and thought, hummmm, P A Scribe could work. Once I started using it for my emails, it seemed a normal progression to use it on my social media which was only in its nascent stages in 2010. What I didn’t expect was for it to take off the way it did.

In my mind it is P A Scribe, but, to many people, it seems to have morphed into Pah-Scribe, which always makes me chuckle a little when people say this. Whichever way it is a said, I respond to it with a smile.

I began my academic studies at The Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of Reading where I studied Letterform History. I then went on to a 2year practical course at Reigate School of Art and Design where I trained as a Calligrapher, Gilder and Heraldic Artist then returned to my academic studies at Birkbeck University where I studied English Palaeography 600 – 1600, Arabic Calligraphy, Archaeological Illustration and Middle Kingdom Ancient Egyptian.

What PAScribe has become was not something I planned, and, in the end, I decided the shortened version of the brand name should become the name I use for my calligraphy related work and projects. As the brand grew so too did what it was associated with and what it was applied to. By 2019 it was associated with the grids I shared as well as a robust Instagram feed with a lot of teaching content to help those interested in learning this wonderful craft.

In 2021 PAScribe began to represent my online teaching persona as well as products which began to grow out of necessity. Mid 2021 the first of the PAScribe products was launched in conjunction with Rhodia as the PAScribe x Rhodia Pads, this was soon followed by the PAScribe Lining Template which helps to rule accurate lines on the PAScribe Rhodia Pads, other blank pads and on blanks sheets of paper.

Teaching became a huge focus for me in 2021 and the move to the New Zenler platform really helped to transform the brand, so much so, I decided the teaching needed to be separated into three schools; The Scriptorium would concentrate on the teaching of Calligraphy where the aim would be longer lectures, classes of 2hours and workshops of 10hours, The Manuscript Academy would be 2hour bite sized chunk classes of manuscript illustration, illumination and border work, and The Healing Academy would be somewhere I can build on the magic of the ‘Calligraphy & Meditation Classes’.

My primary focus has always been helping practitioners gain a deeper insight into the learning of calligraphy and manuscript illumination using a unique blend of traditional teaching techniques and innovative methods I developed through my research into letterforms and the time I spend thinking about underlying precepts of writing.
As I contemplate the future of PAScribe I see so much in store for the many ways I feel I can help practitioners learn, improve, grow and blossom in their practise of this wonderful craft we love so much.


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